What Tosin Did – Weekly #3

Hey Folks! It’s yet another week that has flown by. I hope you all had a decent one. For all of us that live in Lagos or should I say survive in Lagos, because what we are doing is definitely not living. How’s the traffic been? Chaos (Rain) combined with indiscipline (Lagosians) is really notContinue reading “What Tosin Did – Weekly #3”

What Tosin Did – Weekly #2

Boy o Boy…..It’s happening, I’m actually writing the first ‘What Tosin Did’ article. If only you could see me now, I am buzzing with excitement, kinda like my dog when she sees new people to play with (See how I conveniently brought in the fact that I own a dog). Moving on, so my weekContinue reading “What Tosin Did – Weekly #2”

What Tosin Did – Weekly #1

Hi Y’all, Welcome to my first post of a new writing series I have titled “What Tosin Did-Weekly”. From the name, I know you’re intelligent enough to figure out that it’s going to be a weekly series based on how I spent the preceding week before a new post. It would have everything (not everythingContinue reading “What Tosin Did – Weekly #1”

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