What Tosin Did – Weekly #9

Hello People of the world,

It’s been an emotional rollercoaster of a week for me. It basically started out with me having to take a COVID test at work on Monday. Myself and my colleagues all took that nasal swab test for free (perks of working in a health-tech). It wasn’t as painful as I anticipated, it actually didn’t hurt to be honest.

I don’t think I was dramatic, was I?

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday just kinda flew by and I spent a considerable amount of time on the road, in traffic this week. Whatever was the cause of it, I don’t know. This coming week should not have a repeat of that.

During the week, I also stumbled across an article on how the first thought or set of thoughts you have when you wake up in the morning can affect your mood and attitude throughout the day.
Read more about it.

Friday was sort of difficult for me. It was exactly a year since I lost my mum, and everyone seemed extra annoying; Lagos drivers, waiters, fuel attendants, local government workers, basically everyone I had a commercial relationship with that day.

I had flashbacks of the fateful day last year. On any given day, my memory is not the sharpest, but I remember vividly and in detail everything that happened that day from my dad’s ‘dying animal cry’, to me having to call my siblings abroad to break the news to them.

I felt some sort of guilt thinking about it because it just seemed longer than a year to me, and you know how in movie scenes where people say “There’s no day when I don’t think about her/him” in relation to a person’s death, that doesn’t apply to me, because I’ve actually gone days where I don’t think about her, and I felt like an awful human being, I still do.

This weekend, besides my arm still being a bit sore from taking my first jab of the COVID vaccine on Friday, watching Arsenal play was more of an eyesore.
I also started watching the TV show ‘Clickbait’ on Netflix, on good recommendation from my friend Franklin. I also watched the new ‘King of Boys’ limited series with Joseph on the same streaming platform, and despite the many positives from the show, I still have some reservations about it, but what do I know, right?

The rest of today will see me prepare for the coming week as usual and I might just watch a few episodes of ‘The Bold Type’ before I hit the sack and call it a day or in this case, call it a week. (cos this is a weekly newsletter, in case you didn’t get the joke)

Until next week,
Bye, Au revoir, Adios!

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