What Tosin Did – Weekly #8

Hey Folks,

Welcome to another episode of my weekly newsletter-esque post. Nothing exciting happened this week except for the fact that I rearranged my room today and I felt really good about the outcome.

Over the course of the week, I did a thing where I took selfies every morning at work, it wasn’t intentional at first, but on Monday, I got to work pretty early and that morning sun was out and it just felt like the right time to take one selfie, and then I found myself repeating the ritual for the rest of the week.

If you’ve been on social media lately, or been on the internet at all, you must have heard that OnlyFans plans to discontinue promoting explicit adult content on their platform. The quote below is an excerpt from an article analyzing what this decision would mean for both the platform and online sex workers.

In the now familiar story of online platforms stigmatizing sex work, OnlyFans might end up being the ultimate loser. After all, when Tumblr ditched adult content in 2018, its valuation dropped from $1 billion to $3 million; now it’s irrelevant.

As regards music, I began listening to a lot of Isak Danielson songs, and I must say, the man can sinnnnngggggg! I hadn’t ever taken my time to listen to his songs in the past, until I was stuck in traffic on Thursday night where I saw the light.

I also came across a ‘Quarantine Playlist’ I made last year during the Lockdown. You can listen to it here.

On Friday, I planned to go out but that didn’t happen. The mind was willing but the body was non-compliant. I settled to watch Big Bang Theory in my bed while I ate a shitload of junk I bought at Reneè Supermarket.

This weekend, I have been indoors all through, mostly doing chores that have been procrastinated on for too long. I’ve also slept superbly these past few days, the rain at night has been part of the reasons why.

Unlike me, but I’m actually looking forward to the coming week, I just have a good feeling about it and No, it’s not because it’s salary week.

I think that’ll be all from me today, if I recall anything else, I’ll most likely just post about it on Twitter.

See you soon!

Bye, Au revoir, Adios!

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