What Tosin Did – Weekly #6

Hey Folks!

Fun Fact
Did you know that there are more public libraries than McDonald’s fast food chains in the United States?

And as at 2019, there were more than 13,500 McDonald’s chains in the US.

I learnt of this fact recently, and it got me thinking about how many countries are how they are because of their priorities.

On the topic of learning stuff, I also discovered a few things about myself after taking a personality test earlier in the week. Reading about my personality type was really eye-opening and the accuracy of the result was mid-boggling. Not only did it give me insight on my person, it also gave me some insight on how I could be the best version of myself.

For best results, when taking these types of tests it is important to answer them as honestly as you can and not overthink the questions, If you do, you’d start creating a bias in your head. Just go with your “gut feeling” and don’t think of the kind of person you want to be seen as, otherwise, you’d most likely answer them in the way your ‘ideal person’ would rather than it being YOU.

You can use this link to take the test and also view my full personality type. It would be nice to share your results with me on Twitter, Instagram, or even in the comments section of this post.

If I am being honest, this week was a lazy one for me, and I honestly didn’t do a lot besides taking on 3 more job interviews despite already accepting a new offer elsewhere. I figured I’d hear what they had to say, and I enjoyed the experience and chatting with two of the three.

I’ve also been daydreaming about them making me better offers than I currently have now and what I’ll do in that case, but we haven’t reached that bridge yet, so that is a problem for future Tosin. This Tosin is just going to continue taking it one day at a time.

On Friday, I hung out with some of my people and the bestie, Franklin. We saw the movie Jungle Cruise at the cinema, it was neither bad nor great, just a very MID movie. I’d rate it a 4.9/10.

Yesterday, I was really bored at home, then PHCN decided to add to my misery. That was when I decided to go out. I had been invited to a fashion show earlier in the week and I decided to honour that invitation.

Fashion shows aren’t particularly events I’d be interested in, but I have promised myself to try new things and more experiences, so I did, and this one wasn’t bad at all, though it was a LOT. Now, I can see myself going for more of them.

The rest of today will see me prepare for my new job. Sadly, the position isn’t remote and I will be joining the thousands of Lagosians that do the daily mainland to island waka.
Hopefully, I get used to it soon because I’ve worked remotely for the past one year and five months, so this will take some getting used to.

That will be all for this week.

I’ll see you same day next week.

Bye, Au revoir, Adios!

2 thoughts on “What Tosin Did – Weekly #6

  1. I hope you adapt swiftly to going to work and facing “Lagos traffic” every single work day. Overall, seems you had a fun week.


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