What Tosin Did – Weekly #5

Hey Folks,

Welcome to another weekly read of What Tosin Did.

It’s still light-shower season here, but we’ve recently discovered that some of your faves don’t even shower themselves or their kids, as they deem it “unnecessary”.

As part of my reading this week, I came across an article where Hollywood couple Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher made the rounds after admitting to not having a daily bath, and limiting soap usage for themselves and their kids.

As a Nigerian, the thought of not having a daily bath just rubs me off the wrong way, and in all the wrong places, but some science suggests that they may be up to something and may not be entirely in the wrong:

During the week, I also caught up on the ongoing 2020 Olympic Games and I have to say, I stan’ Team Nigeria’s consistency on the medals table. While other countries keep fluctuating across the table, my dearest country has just been committed to flatlining.

I also came across a race at these games that in a nutshell, accurately explains ‘Nigeria’. It wasn’t only sad for me to watch, but rather educative as well. The Mixed 4x400m relay race in a way, substantiated the argument of the apparent biological differences that exists between male and female athletes regarding physicality.

Watch video:

Tokyo Olympic Games 2020.
Team Nigeria had at least, a 50m head-start from the 2nd placed team at the beginning of the final lap. But guess what position they finished the race in?

To more personal matters, earlier in the week, my dog fell ill. I noticed she was sleeping a lot and seemed unbothered doing fun stuff she’d usually jump at the chance to do. She also had been scratching an area of her neck excessively.

On Tuesday, I took her to a vet clinic where it was confirmed that she had a parasitic infection, which they said wasn’t unnatural and quite frankly, very common for her breed.
She ended up taking an injection, while some oral medications, and ointments were prescribed. She’s a lot better now and is back to her old ways.

Summer is just around the corner and many schools are on vacation, including that of my 11-year old cousin (pictured above) who has spent the last few days with me. He’s one of those kids that never pesters you as long as he isn’t bored or hungry. Then on Friday, I committed the grave sin of the latter, making him hungry, and he was sure to make me aware of that fact by sending me the most audacious passive-aggressive text, while I was on a work call.

See screenshot:

Friday was also my last day at my now ex-employers. I’ll be taking up a new challenge soon, but the gag here is that I don’t even know where I’m headed next. At the moment, I am fielding a few offers and each have their distinct perks, from remote work to salary and to the bonuses, benefits and equity. I have this coming week to make a decision on where my next move is, so I’ll do that and update you guys on next week’s episode.

Also, yesterday, I came across a YouTube channel called “Dad, how do I?”. and on further investigation, I realized the channel belonged to a man called Rob Kenney, whose father left them when he was 12 years old. He started the channel to help kids growing up without dads; to teach them basic stuff they’d usually ask a dad for help on. e.g mowing a lawn, unclogging a sink, grilling and baking and a ton of other stuff. The inspiration behind the creation of the channel was heartfelt.

For the rest of today, I’ll be catching up on all the Netflix shows I have missed out on. I’ll also be reaching out to a couple of people I haven’t been in contact with in a while, just to catch up on happenings in our respective lives.

So until we meet again next week. For me, it is ……………..

Bye, Au revoir, Adios!

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