What Tosin Did – Weekly #4

Hey Folks,

Welcome to another weekly read of What Tosin Did. I trust this past week was as good for you as it was for me, and if you’re not Muslim, I hope you were able to find Muslim friends to go eat meat at. Also, those who took a 2-day midweek holiday, all I can say is well done!

At the beginning of the week, I remember reading some articles on affirmations, and how they aid positive thinking or negative thinking, depending on what you’re affirming. So I started saying one myself every morning and it goes;

I’m a bad bitch, and today is not ready for me.

Oluwatosin Raji

Usually, affirmations aren’t supposed to have negative words (at least from what I read), but there’s some sort of positive power and energy I derive from saying that. So the wordings of my affirmations will not be changing anytime soon.

Tuesday and Wednesday were public holidays to celebrate the islamic Id-el-Kabir festival. And as a devoted muslim (laughs in agnosticism), I celebrated it with my family. It was actually a very interesting day, which I termed a ‘practice sallah’.
It would be the first one we’d do since I lost my mum last year. She was usually the one who made all the arrangements for stuff. Usually, my job on these days was to buy drinks and rent chairs, a job which I am really good at by the way. But this one in particular, I had to do other stuff. Let’s just say I learnt a lesson or two from the experience.

On Tuesday, one of the men who helped kill the ram cut his finger while doing so and because I had been on a binge-watching marathon of medical dramas on Netflix, I used it as an opportunity to display all the medical knowledge I had gathered so far and it’s safe to say that it was just a flesh wound and there were no damages to the ulnar, median, or radial nerves . I know this because Dr. Shaun Murphy taught me. (This just shows that I have been paying attention)

PS: I just cleaned up the injury with Isopropyl alcohol and covered with it an adhesive bandage.
I told him to see an actual doctor!

On Wednesday, I saw two of my favourite people; Franklin and Chiburem, although the visits were short-stayed, I enjoyed the company. Franklin, as usual, had gist and as is my nature, I like to hear gist, so I gladly obliged. On the other hand, Chiburem and I just always have the most random conversations without ever running out of what to talk about and that’s exactly what we did.

Thursday saw me actually leave my house for a work-related meeting. I’ve become so accustomed to remote work, it seems almost outlandish to be going out to work.
Luckily, it was one of those rare days in Lagos where you don’t experience road traffic, I got there and back home in good time, even though I lost my way because I decided I knew more than Google Maps.

The rest of the week just kinda went by really fast. I did a little reading and found this to be the most interesting read this week.

  • Who gets to be called an astronaut? It’s complicated
    With Space Tourism almost becoming a thing now as billionaires’ Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson have experimented, the United State’s Federal Aviation Administration has chosen to change the definition on who or what an Astronaut is or isn’t, in order to keep the prestige assigned to the title.

I also wrote an article on the medical shows I’ve been watching, you can read that if you want.
There Are 3 Medical Shows You Should Be Watching on Netflix Right Now

For the rest of today, I will be prepping myself physically and mentally for the week as I follow the 2020 Olympic Games. I’ll also be looking forward to seeing the second premiere of the latest season of Big Brother Nigeria tonight, where we expect the female contestants to come into the House.
Hopefully, they won’t be as underwhelming as their male counterparts.

I can’t think about anything else that happened, so that will be all from me this week. I’m a bit excited and looking forward to next week, I have a good feeling about it.

Until next week!

Bye, Au revoir, Adios!

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