What Tosin Did – Weekly #3

Hey Folks!

It’s yet another week that has flown by. I hope you all had a decent one. For all of us that live in Lagos or should I say survive in Lagos, because what we are doing is definitely not living. How’s the traffic been?

Chaos (Rain) combined with indiscipline (Lagosians) is really not a fun recipe.

Last Friday, I spent more than 3 hours on the road, on a single trip that should have lasted 20 minutes or less for me, considering how fast I drive. One positive though was that I was able to catch up on a lot of episodes of Arrested Development while I was in the stand-still.

Talking about episodes of TV shows, I also began watching The Good Doctor on Netflix, it is an amazing medical drama and it comes highly recommended.

I finally got the chance to see Black Widow at the cinema, and it was a tad disappointing. Maybe I expected a little too much, I don’t know. I honestly felt it was lacking a bit of everything; action, drama, comedy…..everything was just in short supply. I wonder if watching it anew would change my stance on it? We’d have to wait and see.

During the week, I also received a ‘Rejection mail’ from an international company I had applied to over six months ago, and the content was funny AF. The interesting thing about the email was that it was accompanied by a blog post on how to deal with rejection.

It’s like a partner breaking up with you and leaving you a message on how you should move on.

Moving on (see what I did here), nothing particularly exciting happened at work for me this week, everyday felt like the same day, I don’t know if that makes sense? But it seemed that way to me.

Also, with regards to my weekly reading, Data privacy/protection was the key theme this week. I consumed a few articles on it after reading a post of an insurance startup that exposed thousands of sensitive insurance applications after their cloud servers were left unprotected on the internet.

I know sometimes we feel like we have no control over data sharing, so I’m hoping this Washington Post slidegram is able to give you some control over permissions you allow for applications on your device(s).

Another interesting article I read highlighted the fact that it would take you 22.7 years to eat at all the restaurants in New York City, if you ate at one each day. And if you ate three meals in different restaurants in NYC everyday, it would take you 7.5 years to eat at all of them. I found this fact crazy, and in my head I was already calculating how many years or months it would take for me to eat at all Lagos restaurants.
If anyone has data or has done a research on this, please let me know.

Finally, there’s a public holiday next week (Id el Kabir), and I am so looking forward to it, largely because of the amount of meat I anticipate my future-self eating. It would also serve as an opportunity to see some of my favourite people and a few nebby relatives that interrogate me occasionally. I should print answers to their usual questions and hand them over as soon as I see them. I can already picture the detestable looks I’ll get.

Anyways, that’ll be all for this week folks, let me go back to playing Injustice 2.

Until next week!

Bye, Au revoir, Adios!

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