What Tosin Did – Weekly #2

Boy o Boy…..It’s happening, I’m actually writing the first ‘What Tosin Did’ article. If only you could see me now, I am buzzing with excitement, kinda like my dog when she sees new people to play with (See how I conveniently brought in the fact that I own a dog).

Moving on, so my week started off great; I remember waking up on Monday morning, full of energy, which is usually not the case and then went on a 2km run. I also recall saying to myself ‘I should do this more often’ while I was running, but did I run again during the week? *Hides face* 🙈

Work this week was both brilliant as it was appalling, did a bunch of tasks that weren’t necessarily my strongest suit, but I was a bit impressed with myself with the results.(Startups are the ghetto, but I’ll not have it any other way). The detestable part of it this week was actually just an email I received on Thursday, that sh*t got me in my feelings, but as an ‘upward and onward’ person who gives this same pep talk to my friends, I say “We what? We Move!”.

Then on Friday, there was some kind of fun social activity we had at work, it happens bi-monthly. Although this was virtual, I actually enjoyed it. We played a couple of games and then a member of each team had to sing any song of their choosing. The colleague of mine that went up first kinda set the bar a little too high for the rest of us, I know I don’t have a bad voice but I couldn’t match that, so I resorted to rapping a Jay-Z verse, and your boy didn’t do badly at all.

See proof:

This past week as well, I found myself reading a lot more articles than I usually do and there were two that particularly stuck out for me.

I also took a few photos of myself and of the sky after work on Friday to relieve stress, those are the photos on top of the page. I don’t know why I find taking pictures therapeutic. It’s not a weird flex, is it?

New shows came out on Netflix this week, new movies too in cinemas; Black Widow and F9 specifically. Although I am yet to see any of these movies, the memes on Twitter about ‘Dom and Family’ have been killing me, I even made one myself.


I also began watching Sex Life on Netflix. At the moment, I am still in the 3rd episode of the first season and it is such a messy show (good type of messy), where the solutions to their relationship problems could actually be solved if they communicated openly.

Also on Netflix, I recently began watching Arrested Development. Anyone who knows me, knows am a sucker for comedies and this is such a ridiculous show with many tragicomedy elements. It’s the show where this popular meme below emanated from.

I laughed so hard watching this particular scene because I could finally relate and it was hysterical AF.

Right now, I am in front of my TV screen. The UEFA Euro 2020 Final is today and I am so rooting for Italy, because in my opinion, they’ve been the most consistent team in the competition and have played the best football, both defensively and offensively. The English media has been running their mouth a little too much and I just want them to have a decent slice of humble pie.

Later tonight, I’d probably just have dinner (I don’t know what I’ll eat yet) and catch up on more episodes of Sex Life before I start mentally preparing myself for the coming week. I’ll be sure to keep you all in the know on how it goes.

That concludes the first of many journals from the ‘What Tosin Did’ series.

Until next week,

Bye, au revoir, adios!

FYI: If you read my last post in the series, you’d know I said I’d post on Mondays, but I changed my mind. It’ll now be on Sundays!

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