What Tosin Did – Weekly #1

Hi Y’all,

Welcome to my first post of a new writing series I have titled “What Tosin Did-Weekly”. From the name, I know you’re intelligent enough to figure out that it’s going to be a weekly series based on how I spent the preceding week before a new post. It would have everything (not everything sha) from old habits to new experiences; what I ate; where I went; who I met; and why…..basically all that I did, and didn’t do.

If you’re also wondering why I am starting this, we’re in the same boat. I really don’t know why. A part of me wants to be consistent at writing stuff and essentially fill my website with regular posts, and there is no better way I can think of doing that than by giving content to random people who care to read about my life weekly.

In this post though, there won’t be anything from last week (I’m sorry to disappoint you), even though I had a pretty eventful one. The aim of this was just to notify all y’all reading this of the new weekly series.

At the moment, the plan is to publish on Mondays (I hope I stick to it), primarily because I would be writing these posts over the weekends and also because most of the interesting things I do are usually done on weekends, and it’s not called ‘What Tosin Did’ for nothing.

To wrap this up, if you happen to be reading this, and you are interested in the happenings in my life, you can and you should subscribe to this wannabe newsletter on the homepage of my website.


Love and Light!

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